Change of plans

One and a half month waiting with the result that I am coming home earlier than expected. First I thought it is only a practice in patiency but now I know that it is a lesson to be ready to change your plans....More than a month ago we reached the boarder to Myanmar full of hope and happiness to experience a new country....but our entry was denied.

As I am an optimistic person I kept waiting and the travel agency kept promising....but things didn't fall in place. Myanmar has political issues between the old military power and the newly elected democracy and kept the boarder closed. We stayed one month in the boarder city Moreh, I was in hospital due to food poisoning and the boarder is full of distrust, soldiers, tension,...luckily we met a few other travelers and spend the time reading, talking, cooking, eating, waiting.

Finally we got chased by the police, are caught in India now ( Imphal/Manipur), as our visa expired and forced to wait another long time for clearance from Delhi. Once being allowed to travel again, I will try to reach Delhi (4 days train) and catch a flight to Germany. Going further east makes no sense due to expired visas and time pressure now...Can't believe we're the first bunch to face the closing of the Myanmar border. It only opened in 2014, and decided to close just the day before we arrived